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Fuel Off-Road Allow Wheels
Fuel Off-Road Allow Wheels
OLD MAN EMU Nitrocharger Sport
Nitrocharger Sport
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Over the years, being involved in different off-road competitions across Europe, but also being expeditions enthusiasts, we tested different type of products. After the Siberian expedition, at -55 degrees Celsius below zero and probably one of the most difficult expeditions on earth, we decided to build our own brand and to put in our products all our knowledge to provide the top quality products. Our team is devoted to the most rigorous manufacturing and testing standards to earn our reputation as a trusted brand. Our design and the top quality manufacturing capabilities and rigorous testing guarantees compatibility, reliability, and safety. Also, our website and all your details are protected by SSL.

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Overlanding is sort of like backpacking but in a vehicle. You carry only what you need, and you need to know how to use all that equipment as you log big miles on backcountry roads. This puts some huge demands on your vehicle. You need a mix of capability, reliability, and usability.

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