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Brake Lines

Model: BLK-NIS-06-1-1
NISSAN PATROL BRAKE LINES GR/GU Y61 With ABS 3.0 2000-2009 Complete Braided Stainless Steel Flexi Brake Line KitThis kit contains 7 lines Nissan Patrol Brake Lines for Y612 lines axles to front callipers2 lines chassis to front axle1 lines chassis to rear axle2 lines rear axle to calipersRETAIN..
Model: BLK-LR-073-1-1
Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series Brake Line Kit With ABSToyota Land Cruiser 80 Series Brake Line Kit With ABS this will fit 1992 Onwards Models 4.5L Petrol – 5 door – 1/1995 to 12/1998 (FZJ80)4.2L Diesel – 5 door – 1/1990 to 1/1998 (HZJ80)4.2L Diesel – 5 door – 1/1990 to 12/1998 (HZJ81)4.2L Turbo ..
Model: BLK-TOY-02
Toyota Land Cruiser KDJ-KZJ Brake Line Kit Extended / StandardToyota Land Cruiser KDJ-KZJ Brake Line Kit 90/95 Series will fit.3.4L Petrol – 5 door – 4/1996 to 7/2002 (VZJ95)3.0L Diesel – 3 door – 4/1996 to 7/2003 (KZJ90)3.0L Diesel – 5 door – 4/1996 to 7/2003 (KZJ95)2.7L Petrol – 3 door – 4/1997 to..
Model: BLK-TOY-01
Toyota Land Cruiser LJ70 2.4TD 1984-1993These brake Line Kits have been specifically designed for the harsh environments 4×4 vehicles can endure.Toyota Land Cruiser LJ70 2.4TD 1984-1993 and all our brake line kits are hand made to order allowing us to manufacture the right length of brake line for a..
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