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Air & Tyre systems

Brand: XT Automotive Model: XTAIR
XT AIR Heavy Duty 12 volts air compressor, high power (160 l/m) for off-road tyresEquipped with a washable air filter for use even in dusty or sandy environments.Possibility to combine it with an air storage tank.Large capacity engine cylinders.Airflow 160 l/m (the only one on the market).Absor..
Brand: XT Automotive Model: XTAIR300
XT Automotive AIR Heavy Duty 12 volts two-cylinder air compressor, high power (300 l/m) for off-road tyres, even for larger ones.Characteristics:equipped with washable air filters for use even in dusty or sandy environmentspossibility to combine it with an air storage tanklarge capacity engine cylin..
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