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Equipment for Hire

Rooftop tent, fridge freezer or the whole car with all accessories required for you to have a wonderful holiday.

Brand: DT adventure Model: DTAextremertt_FH
Rooftop tent for hireComes delivered with an Annex, at no extra cost, if required£25 per day3 days minimum periodSecurity deposit £1500The tent should be installed on a minimum of 3 roof bars...
Brand: DT adventure Model: OFM_BFF_55_FH
Fridge freezer for hireComes delivered with an insulation cover and 12V-24V-230V charger.£10 per day3 days minimum periodSecurity deposit £500..
Model: Offroadcarforhire
£125 per day3 days minimum periodSecurity deposit £1500Will include:offroad car (Nissan Patrol, VW Touareg, Toyota Landcruiser) - depending on availabilityfridgerooftop tentcamping cooker pan setgas camping stove..
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