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Brand: B52 Offroad Model: B52KITL2002005
Lift kit B52 OFFROAD +5 cm:2 B52 coils2 XT AUTOMOTIVE leaf springs4 B52 long-travel shockskit poly bushesU boltsB52 coils are made with processes to ensure the highest possible quality.- improved handling and control ON and OFF-ROAD- CNC cold coiled to ensure perfect consistency and accura..
Holy Crap Custom Lift Kit (Made to Order) Holy Crap Custom Lift Kit (Made to Order)
Made to Order
Brand: Holy Crap Custom Fabrications Model: HolyCrapLKANY
Holy Crap Lift Kit contains custom made stackable black-anodized high-strength special aluminium strut spacers which add from 12mm, 24mm, 36mm or 48mm to your clearance.Optional3mm, 6mm, 9mm or 12mm rubber profiles that can be installed only in combination with our stackable black-anodized high-stre..
Lift kit 2" for Mitsubishi Pajero III / IV Lift kit 2" for Mitsubishi Pajero III / IV
New 5-7 Days
Brand: Holy Crap Custom Fabrications Model: 4cmMitPaj34
Lift kit 2'' for Mitsubishi Pajero III / IVKits including:2x Rear spring PU spacers2x Front Strut spacers (upper)2x Rear shock absorbers spacers (upper)Kits including all needed bolts...
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