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As the world's most advanced power source, Optima Batteries are used extensively in more than 60 countries across the globe, providing power solutions across a broad spectrum of applications. Using the very latest developments in SpiralCell technology, originally used in the lunar rovers, Optima Batteries not only consistently outperform all other types of battery currently available, but do so by considerable margins.

Tens of £££ millions of investment in SpiralCell technology together with ground-breaking development has ensured that all users of Optima Batteries, whether commercial, government or individual, enjoy all the inherent advantages:

Completely sealed: The electrolyte in an Optima battery is completely sealed. It will not leak even if the case is cracked. This means an Optima battery is safer for people, equipment and the environment.

Zero maintenance: Thanks to its sealed construction, absorbed electrolyte, and recombinant technology, an Optima battery will not corrode battery terminals, cables or vehicle. In addition, you never need add water.

Longer shelf life: With a low rate of self-discharge, the Optima can go unused for up to a year without recharging and yet still retain high performance. This makes it ideal for vehicles used infrequently such as agricultural equipment, boats, military vehicles and classic cars.

Fast energy response: Optima has an extremely low internal resistance (~3m&!) enabling it to deliver the fast energy response necessary for accessories such as electric winches and other auxiliary systems.

Universal size: The Optima fits a wide variety of cars, trucks and other applications such as wheelchairs, UPS systems and compactors. In addition, it can be mounted in any position, even upside down.

Unequalled vibration resistance: Vibration is a primary killer of conventional batteries. The tightly wound cell of Optima has proven 70% more resistant to jarring and vibration than conventional batteries and eliminates plate shedding. The addition of V-Tech™ to the Professional series has further enhanced this resistance.

Battery life: In performance tests the Optima battery lasts three to five times longer than a conventional flat-plate battery in the same application. Indeed, on the SAE J240 test, which mimics a car in daily operation, the Optima Red Top achieved over 12,000 cycles.

High purity lead: The SpiralCell structure enables Optima to use higher purity lead than in conventional batteries. This means increased performance and higher resistance to sulphation, another major problem for conventional batteries.

Faster recharge: The increased plate surface area (50-100% greater than conventional batteries) and low internal resistance mean Optima can accept extremely high recharge currents (~300Amphere). This in turn reduces the total recharge time.

Climatic changes: Optima's unique structure makes it very resistant to temperature extremes, whether hot (+60ÚC) or cold (-40ÚC).

Fast, crisp starts: The low internal resistance and high purity of components in Optima equate to extremely high cranking power. When tested according to SAE standards the results were:


The Red Top battery is an SLI (starting, lights and ignition) battery to be used solely for starting applications.

The Yellow Top battery is a deep cycle battery for traction applications, such as wheelchairs and similar electrical vehicles or for heavy duty starting of engines with a higher drain on the battery.

The Blue Top battery is a combination starter and deep cycle battery specially adapted for the marine environment.


Optima Batteries can be used in a wide range of applications from Heavy Plant Machinery, Agricultural Equipment and Commercial Marine through to Classic Cars, ICE, Wheel chairs and golf buggies.

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