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TRE 4x4

In 1988 our Engineers began manufacturing drivetrain components for some of the worlds leading automotive brands.  Being off-road enthusiast, they saw the limited capabilities of open differentials in low traction environments.  After several years of testing with Toyota, they developed the TRE4x4 Air Locking Differential to address this weakness.  

This has lead to a full line of locking differentials for the world’s top off-road vehicle brands including Toyota, Jeep, Nissan, Land Rover, Suzuki as well as many others.  TRE 4x4 locking differentials are sold all over the world through a network of distributors and are used by both weekend adventurers and professional off-road teams.  

The technicians at TRE 4x4 are continually conducting research and development to create new products to meet the demands of the off-road community.  Our product line is rapidly expanding with high quality and affordable solutions to meet those needs.  We have been testing our Crab lockers(Air Locking Differential) for several years and are now bringing them to market for some of the more popular 4x4 vehicles.

In addition to our uniquely designed TRE Locking Differentials and E-lockers, our ever-expanding product line includes Heavy Duty Differential Covers for Dana 30 and 44 differential housings, suspension parts, camping accessories, vehicle protection components and recovery equipment.  

The TRE 4x4 team is devoted to the most rigorous manufacturing and testing standards to earn our reputation as a trusted brand you can depend on to enhance your fun in the outdoors.  Our scientific design, top quality manufacturing capabilities and rigorous testing guarantees compatibility, reliability, and safety.  Our goal is to Take you to the Mountain and back so you can have the adventures others only dream of.   

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